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Visual style

Colours, fonts, looks & feel of the publication

Indicative pricelist valid publications consisting of eight or more pages. The base price depends on the nature of the entire publication, and not on an individual page-by-page basis. The final price is determined by the total number of pages in the designed publication. For printed publications, the total page count must be divisible by four. Any special requests will be charged by the hourly rate upon approval. If you would like a binding offer, please ask for a quote.

The base price includes

Design your next publication with me

I’ll be happy to help you with your next publication. Please contact me and tell me a little bit about your project. For example, let me know the number of pages and timeline you have in mind. Once I have all the necessary details, I’ll provide you with a quote. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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Budget logo design

Budget logos are great for small projects where the logo serves as a necessary graphic element (e.g. profile picture) rather than the core part of the brand. Imagine a local florist, or an online research project. Budget logos are cheaper because they may not be completely original and may include stock elements.

from 200 EUR

Professional logo design

Logo is the core element of any brand identity, whether it’s a business, organisation or product. Professionally designed logo shouldn’t be just pretty but also original, recognizable, scalable and usable across media. It comes in a range of formats, colour variations and includes a logo manual.

from 2 000 EUR

Brand design guidebooks

The visual communication of a brand is defined by a set of graphic elements that appear across materials. This includes fonts, colour palettes, style of photos, icons, etc. A design guidebook is a publication that sumarizes and describes these elements. You will need one if you work with multiple designers.

from 1 000 EUR

Leaflets and brochures

Despite the prevalence of online marketing, small brochures and leaflets still serve a purpose for many companies. They can be particularly useful in face-to-face meetings.

from 300 EUR

Business cards

Though old fashioned and unecological, business cards will stick with us for a while. Because what else will you hand out at that conference reception? Muffins?

from 100 EUR

Document templates

When you work on a project, chances are that your team will need some Word or Powerpoint templates. For the research community, I can also deliver some basic Latex styling.

from 200 EUR per  template

Canva templates

Instead of struggling with Canva’s free version, why not let your designer set up a Canva Pro account for you? With access to your brand logos, colors, and customized templates, all of your marketing materials will be on-brand and professionally designed.

from 200 EUR

Websites on WordPress

WordPress is great for small to medium sized websites. With Elementor and other premium extensions, I can do magic and deliver completely customized design, leaflet-looking pages and dynamic content sections, all easily editable by your team.

from 1 000 EUR (see below)

Web & UI design

Too big for WordPress? If you run a complex or heavy-traffic website, such as e-commerce, booking system, or a website hooked to your company’s database system, I can prepare a design system for your team of coders, or a complete website design overhaul.

price on request

Would you like my help with branding?

Please note that the prices in this section are highly indicative. To get a tailor-made quote, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Together, we’ll discuss all the specifics of your project so that I can provide you with an offer.


wordpress • customized design • dynamic content

Indicative pricing


Small websites, or microsites, are like an online brochure introducing your project. Microsites typically consist of one long nicely designed page and possibly a contact form. There is no dynamic content such as blog articles, and no extra pages. Microsites are great for local businesses or as placeholder for new projects.

from 1000 EUR

Standard websites

A typical website that consists of a few static pages, a simple dynamic content section (such as blog, portfolio) and a contact form. The website you’re looking at is a good example. Standard websites are well suited for most small businesses and NGOs, as well as personal and community projects.

from 2 000 EUR

Advanced dynamic websites

When you need a bit more functionality than the standard blog roll, I’ll call it an advanced website. It can be a database of publications, interactive price list, sortable product catalogue, event calendar, or members only section… virtually anything dynamic that doesn’t include payments and e-commerce.

price on request



I build websites on WordPress, the most widespread content management system in the world. WordPress is easy to use and your communications staff are probably already familiar with it.


Premium WordPress page builder for creating custom made, beautiful, easily editable websites. I hold an agency license for Elementor, and as my client, you won’t have to pay for it.

Dynamic content

For dynamic content, sorting, filtration and other advanced functionality I use amazing extensions from Crocoblock, a Ukraine-based company which I’m proud to support.

Other page builders

I have experience with other WordPress page builders such as Oxygen, Divi, WP Bakery. In some specific use cases, I may recommend using some of these instead of Elementor.

Language versions

Wordpress websites are easily translatable. I can set up your new website in as many languages as you need with plugins such as Polylang or WPML.

Security & GDPR

I will implement a range of measures to secure your website from mallware and hackers. I can install GDPR compliance plugins on request.


I have full knowledge of the technologies that websites are built on. This makes it easier to debug potential problems that can occur on websites.


Wordpress and its plugins need to be regularly updated to keep your website secure. I can provide such maintanance for a fee, or refer you to a reliable partner.

Need a website? Set up an initial consultation

Prices can vary greatly even between similar-sized websites. The amount of work depends on a range of factors beyond the technological side of things. For example:

If you’d like to work with me, please contact me to set up a free consultation where we’ll talk about all the specifics before I give you a tailor-made quote.