Publication Layout & Design

You’ve poured your expertise into a new publication, and now you want it to reach as many people as possible. I’m here to help you make it stand out amidst the noise. I specialize in crafting visually compelling layouts for reports, books, and magazines. Whether you’re a consultant, an academic or an NGO, my mission is to amplify your message through professional design.

Why have your publication professionally designed?

Increase appeal

People are more attracted to opening and reading visually appealing reports, books and presentations.

Increase readability

Well structured publication supported by smart charts and infographics is easier to read and comprehend.

Increase credibility

Professionaly designed publication will be taken more seriously — and so will your message.

Increase outreach

People like sharing beautiful things. Creative design can broaden your audience beyond those you can reach directly.

What I can design for you

Why design your next publication with me

Professional elegant designtailored to your readers

I’m flexible to work with your existing design styling guide or template, should you have one. If not, I’ll be happy to create a new design style tailored to your audience, whether they’re high-level officials or the general public.

Creative data visualizationcharts & infographics

Forget mundane, pixelated charts, often copied from Excel or other people’s books. I will re-draw all charts and infographics in your publication in a unified style. I’ll find creative ways to present any ‘boring’ stats and make sure your audience gets your point.

Stunning imagerycurated to fit your style

Don’t worry if you don’t have any nice images to go with your text. I can source and license stock photos, create bespoke AI generated images, or enhance your own photos. All in a harmonious style across your publication.

Multilingual typesettingreach global audiences

I have ample experience with publication layout in different languages, including non-Latin scripts such as Middle-Eastern or Asian scripts. I’ll be happy to take care of all your publication’s language mutations.

Beyond design

I can be your partner in shaping your publication

I choose to work on publications that I find valuable and interesting. I will be your first reader and test audience. I will tell you if something is unclear. I will do my best to make sure that your audience understands your message.

Before we delve into the design phase, I can offer assistance in shaping your publication, including advice on chapter structure and conceptual design of complex infographics. 

If you’re interested in these additional services, please reach out during the early drafting stages and allocate extra time for our conceptual discussions.

15+ years of experience in graphic & web design.
Professional high-end design tailored for your audience.
Based in Prague, serving clients worldwide.

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